Virtual reality is the next frontier in storytelling. WebVR is how we’re all going to get there.

If you look back just ten years, we communicated mostly through text. Back then, the idea of shooting and sharing videos and pictures from your phone wasn’t just far off, it was unimaginable. Back then, most of the video content consumed was produced by professionals. Then platforms like YouTube and Facebook happened and everything changed - for good. How we learn, how we communicate, how we sell - it all changed.

As Mark Zuckerberg famously said back in 2016, “Virtual reality and augmented reality are going to be the most social platform that has ever existed.” For most people today, that’s hard to imagine. Just as it was hard to imagine ten years ago that anyone with a smartphone and a story to tell would be able to share videos with a couple of taps.

Today, creating VR content is difficult and expensive. For the most part you need a team of professionals to do it. Just like it used to be with video.

So what will it take for VR and AR to actually become the most social platform ever? The answer… is simple.

The simplest way to create and share VR and AR experiences that people can see on any web-enabled device.

That’s Vizor.

Antti Jäderholm

Jaakko Manninen

Anna Rosa Lappalainen

Idia Erharuyi
VR designer

Georgi Marinov
Frontend lead

Niklas Rämö
Frontend engineer

Jouko Saastamoinen
Frontend engineer

Esa Ruoho
Quality assurance


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