This review features six different 360° cameras and compares their performances. Each camera was used to take a photo inside and outside the Helsinki Music Centre to make it easy to compare their stitching and image quality.


Stitching quality varies between each camera. Here’s a closeup comparison of seams.


As you can see in the comparison above, the cameras Insta360 ONE, Nikon, Samsung and Xiaomi have visible color differences on the seams. Xiaomi and Insta360 ONE have bad fringing (red and blue highlights). Insta360 Pro and Theta have the cleanest seams and no color differences.


Another stitching comparison of the sky at the top of each outside photo. Insta360 Pro and Nikon have noticeable pinching, while Xiaomi has the most noticeable seam crossing the whole sky. Insta360 ONE and Theta have the cleanest skies, and Samsung has a bit of a blurry seam but is otherwise clean.


Image quality

The image quality in all the cameras is quite similar, except Insta360 Pro having the sharpest details and vibrant colors. Here is a comparison of a dark area showing the amount of grain and noise on the images. Most of the photos have been taken with low ISO values (100–150).


From these shots the Insta360 Pro has the most noticeable difference in color, having the most vibrant colors while most others are blurry and desaturated. It also has the sharpest details, as you can even see the reflections on the glass panels. Xiaomi has quite sharp details but the roughest grain. Samsung is the blurriest and completely loses details and forms. Nikon has very smooth quality, but some details get lost and colors are desaturated.


Camera Apps

All of these cameras can be remotely controlled by their respective smartphone apps. Most of the apps are simple to use, but some of them are more obscure in usability. For this comparison, all the apps were used on iPhone 6S. Here’s a list of all the apps:

  • Insta360 ONE (Android, iPhone)
  • Insta360 Pro (Android, iPhone)
  • Nikon SnapBridge 360/170 (Android, iPhone)
  • Gear 360 (Android, iPhone)
  • Theta S (Android, iPhone)
  • Mi Sphere (Android, iPhone)

The most noticeable flaw was in Nikon SnapBridge 360/170 app, as it was very difficult to connect the app to the camera through Wifi. Insta360 ONE also had issues with keeping the Bluetooth connection up, and it would not show a preview from the camera until after taking the shot, which made it hard to check lighting and composition.

The easiest apps to use were Theta S, Gear 360, Mi Sphere and Insta360 Pro. All of these are simple and worked well without any major problems.


360 Comparison

Here’s the 360 tour of all the photos. Make sure to look behind and also above in each photo, and click on the media icons to read more info about the cameras and their features.

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Buying a camera

If you wish to buy any of these cameras or simply check their prices and specs, here’s a list of them in Amazon US. They can be found in other Amazon regions, or you can check your local photography stores as well.

Insta360 Pro $3,499
Insta360 ONE $299
Nikon KeyMission 360 $499
Samsung Gear 360 $168.95
Ricoh Theta SC $199 (prices vary by color)
Xiaomi MiJia 360 $299.99

Hopefully, this comparison helped in deciding what cameras would fit best for your use. We also recommend checking other reviews online before committing to any camera.

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