Maintaining a sense of real space within your VR or 360° tour is really important. The viewer should feel like they are travelling within an actual place, otherwise the tour is is just a glorified gallery of random photos pointing at whichever direction the camera happened to be pointing at, breaking immersion.

This is where the proper usage of our Frontpoint tool is vital.

Creating a Scene Link Pin

When you upload two related images into the Vizor 360 editor, they can be linked together by using the Scene Link Pin object.

You have three ways of creating a Scene Link Pin object, either you can press the L key on your keyboard and click on the canvas in the editor to add a Pin, you can select the Scene Link tool and click anywhere in the canvas to create a new Pin, or you can simply drag a second photo from the Scenes -list onto the canvas to create a Pin connected to that specific photo.


The Scene Link tool looks like an index finger pointing at a sphere. Click on it in the Toolbar to select it, or use the L key on your keyboard.


After you have created a Scene Link Pin, you can select it and make sure the Go To dropdown menu points to the appropriate scene you wish to link to.

Hint: It is a very good idea to rename your scenes so that you can understand where you are going to. For instance, going from the Kitchen scene to the Living Room scene is easier to comprehend than going from the SAM_100_0004 scene to the SAM_100_0012 scene.

There is also the added benefit that, by keeping your scene names informative, you can tell a viewer to immediately enter the Kitchen scene by giving them a link to

However, this post is not about directly linking to a specific scene in a project, so let's focus back on the Frontpoint feature.

Make sure your Scene Link Pin is selected (you will see a pale blue rectangle around the Pin).

You have selected the Scene Link Pin, set the Go To and now you are ready to click on the Adjust button


You have the correct Scene Link Pin object selected, the  Go To has been set to the appropriate scene and you are now ready to click on the Adjust button above the Interaction segment.


Let's use the Frontpoint Adjust Dialog!

By clicking on the Adjust button, the Frontpoint Adjust Dialog opens. This is displaying the position of the scene your viewer will be transported to after they click.

Click and drag around to adjust the frontpoint so that whichever position you wish the user to see first is right in the middle of the screen. After that, click on Set.

The objective here is this:

If you have created a Scene Link Pin on a doorway leading into another room, the frontpoint of the other room Scene is adjusted to match what you would see in real life upon walking through the doorway.

Try and match your photos accordingly. This will lead to an increased feeling of immersion. Remember to also create a Scene Link Pin linking back from Room 2 to Room 1, and adjust the frontpoint to your preference.

Don't forget to have fun!

Are you ready to test out the Frontpoint with your 360° photos? Try the Vizor 360 editor for free:

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