Adding Audio to your project

Each scene in your project can have its own Background Audio Loop and Narration Clips. When entering a specific scene, its Background Loop will automatically start playing. The Narration Clips can be triggered by clicking on them.

A scene can only have one Background Loop, but it can contain multiple Narration Clips. Only one Narration Clip can play at a time, but Narration Clips do not interrupt Background Loops.

The uploaded file size limit for a Scene Background Loop or a Narration Clip is 6Mb. We currently support .MP3 and .M4A formats, more formats coming in the future. If you are looking for a specific format, please get in touch.

How to use

Click on the Audio tool in the toolbar, and choose Audio Loop or Narration from the menu that appears. Use the Audio Loop option to add a Background sound, and the Narration option for individual clips. Once you select an option, click on the main scene area to add the object.

(You can also press the U (Audio Loop) and N (Narration) keys on your keyboard, then click on the scene to create an object)

Adding an audio object brings up a panel in which you can drag an MP3 or an M4A file. You can also click the panel itself to open a file browser.

Empty clips or loops already in a scene can be double-clicked to upload a file to them. Where a file has been provided, the clip or loop can be auditioned by double-clicking in the Editor.

The Inspector panel allows changing uploaded audio files, to set their labels, or to adjust their volume.

Sounds are not automatically panned or filtered as the viewer looks around the scene. It is best to use mono sounds for Narration Clips and stereo sounds for Background Loops, adjusting their volume for the specific scene you're creating.

Scene Background Loop Features

  • Omnipresent and invisible.
  • Can play once, or Loop indefinitely.
  • Volume can be set in the Inspector.
  • Playback starts automatically upon entering a scene.

Narration Clip Features

  • Can be visually positioned somewhere inside the scene.
  • Can play once, or Loop indefinitely.
  • Can have a label.
  • Volume can be set in the Inspector.
  • Playback is started by clicking on the Narration Clip itself.
  • Click again to pause/unpause.