Vizor FAQ

Q: Hey! Where's that Google Cardboard support?
A: Unfortunately, we have decided not to support Cardboard because the end user experience can’t be guaranteed to be great on all devices. We want to ensure the best possible user experience for WebVR - we support desktop, mobile, and VR from GearVR upwards.
Q: We love your National Gallery experience on Facebook. How do I embed my Vizor 360 project on Facebook?
A: We are currently working with Facebook and will let you know when native Facebook embed is available. In order to be informed of this, please contact Anna Rosa at
Q: I want to download my project and make it available offline. How do I do this?
A: We often get asked this and it is definitely on our roadmap but we cannot say how soon this will be available to the public.
Q: Do you have plans to support 360 video?
A: Congratulations, this is by far the most requested feature for Vizor 360. We want to provide the easiest and most elegant solution for this, so it’s a work in progress.
Q: Which panoramic image formats do you support?
A: We currently support equirectangular images and stereo cubemaps in 12x1 format (18432 x 1536 pixel resolution). Support for stereo spherical images in an over/under format is coming next. If there’s a file format you'd like to see us support, please get in touch with us:  
Q: Do you have a public roadmap?
A: Currently we have no plans of making a feature roadmap for Vizor 360 public as we are evaluating any and all feedback and feature requests we receive.
Q: What about pricing? I want to pay for this!
A: We have just introduced payment plans for the Vizor 360 editor. More information available here.
Q: What happens to my Enterprise project if I downgrade back to the Pro or Free tiers?
A: When you publish a project while on the Enterprise tier, the Vizor logo will disappear from the top-left corner while the project is played. You will have access to custom Media Hotspots with your own icons, and custom Scene Link Pins and custom External Link Pins with your own icons. Projects published while on the Enterprise tier will stay the same - except that the Vizor logo on the top-left corner will come back after you downgrade to Pro or Free. You can make minor modifications to a project published while on the Enterprise tier, but you cannot duplicate an Enterprise project and make large modifications to it, as you will not have access to the Enterprise features.
Q: How do I embed a Vizor 360 experience to my website?
A: We have put together a blog post with instructions on how to embed your Vizor 360 experience on MediumReddit and Squarespace. please read it here.
Q: Why doesn’t my Vizor 360 / Patches experience run on Internet Explorer 11?
A: As of right now, we do not support Internet Explorer 11, and this is not likely to change in the near future. We do, however, support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge. We couldn't guarantee 1:1 functionality between these and IE11 and thus had to focus on the most used browsers on the planet.