Getting Started with Vizor 360

Vizor 360 allows you to tell stories and create experiences by combining 360° images with regular 2D images, text and links. To get started, you will need some 360 images. If you don’t have any yet, you can get started by downloading our demo images from here.

Basic Project Flow

  • Upload your 360° images. Vizor will convert these to scenes for you.
  • Add links between scenes
  • Add information popups to items of interest. In Vizor 360 we call these Media Screens. You can add 2D images and text to these.
  • Preview and publish your project

Editor Interface

Editor interface

Upload Your Images


You can upload either equirectangular images, like those from most consumer 360 cameras, or stereo cubemap images, which may come from 3D software, or higher end camera setups. Either way, Vizor will convert them to cubemap for best quality. We do not recommend uploading images larger than 100MB per image, due to browser memory considerations.

You can upload via the + chooser button in the Scene panel, or by simply dropping images onto the canvas or scene panel. You will be able to preview them almost instantly, and the images will upload in the background while you work.