Creating Media Screens

If you want to give some more information about a feature in your scenes, you can use the Media tool. It places a small information icon in your scene, which will open an overlay containing text and 2D images when clicked.

Simply select the Media tool, and click anywhere in your scene to place the icon. You can adjust its position once you’ve placed it. Double click it to open the Media Screen Editor. In this beta, there are 3 types of content you can create. Text only, Text + Image or Image only.

With all of these types you can choose to include a title or not. If you don’t need one, simply don’t enter text into the title area, and it will be hidden. You are also limited to 600 characters for your text block. This is mainly because including too much text for users to read is bad practice especially in VR views. It also helps us make your projects just work when viewed on mobile.