Manage Your Projects

The Project Manager can be accessed in two ways, from the “More” menu above your avatar, or more simply by just clicking on the Vizor logo in the top left corner. All projects begin as Drafts. You can always tell if you are editing a draft by looking at the URL, which will look like this: ( Once it has been published, it becomes a Project, and has a clean URL like this (

This distinction is so you always know if you are going to be working privately (drafts) or in public (projects). If you want to update a published project, you can open it from the Project Manager, make changes, and republish to update it.

If you want to take a published project offline (breaking the existing links) you can do this by deleting the project in the Project Manager.

You can share drafts, just go to the Share dialogue and click Share without publishing. This will copy the link of your draft for sharing work in progress with colleagues or friends. We don’t recommend making draft links public though, as the system is set up to help you know whether you are working on a public or private file.