Creating Scene Links

You can create links between your images (scenes in Vizor 360) to tell stories, or set up navigation between 360 images. This is handled with the Scene Link tool. In the Scene panel, select the scene you want to place links inside. Choose the Scene Link tool, and click in your scene to place a link. In the inspector, the Interaction panel will open, and you can choose the destination scene from the Go To dropdown.

You can also select the pin to reposition it as you like, and you can adjust its size by editing its Z-axis value.

If you want to customise the look of the pin, select the Custom Link Pin from the dropdown menu and upload your image (GIF,JPG,PNG)

A Scene Link Pin can also link to an external URL - in this case, select the External URL Pin from the dropdown menu and define the URL you wish to link to. You can also have a Custom URL Pin with your own clickable image (GIF,JPG,PNG).