Previewing & Publishing Your Project

You can preview your project by clicking the Preview mode switch on the bottom status bar. This view displays your project inside the Vizor player, exactly as users will see it once published or shared. You can click links, open media screens, and test your project here.

Once you’re ready, click the Share switch on the status bar. If you’d like to privately share your work in progress, you can grab the URL by clicking the share tab and copying the link.

If you want a permanent, clean link for sharing publicly, click Publish to generate one. You can also copy the embed code if you’d like to embed your project in a blog post or website.

Once you’ve published a project, the draft it was based on is deleted. If you want to update the project, simply open it, make your changes, and publish. You will be asked if you want to update it. Click Update to push your changes to the same URL.

If you delete a project in the project manager, it will reappear as a (private) draft in the Drafts tab. For more details, see Manage Your Projects.